Wrist Exerciser

This Wrist Exerciser is a perfect gift for anyone who uses their wrist often. The Powerball Wrist Exerciser is great for Tennis players, pianists, young men, programmers etc.

Wrist Exerciser

  • Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and bicep etc. It is also beneficial in promoting co-ordination and blood circulation.
  • Rehabilitates sore muscles and joint. Great for musicians, guitarists, pianists and drummers.
Wrist Exerciser
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  • Small, compact and transportable, you can take anywhere. Simple to start with a pull-string and the ball comes with flashing LED
  • All you need do is to increase the speed by making a rotational wrist movement to keep in sync with the spinning of the ball. The faster you spin the harder your muscles work.
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