World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

The Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar: Do you love chocolate? Do you love chilli? Do you love feeling like your tongue is melting and your tears are on fire?

Hottest Chocolate Bar

The Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar

  • The Hottest Chocolate Bar in the world is created with delicious chocolate infused with a 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract.
  • Think you enjoy spicy food? Put your taste-buds to the ultimate test.
  • May induce a scorching bout of uncontrollable hiccups.

Do you love chocolate? How about Chilli? Do you love feeling like your tongue is melting and your tears are on fire? Within this unassuming and sleek black packaging lies the supremely hot delicacy you’ve been waiting for – Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate. The worlds hottest bar of chocolate.

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We extracted the capsaicin (the hot bit) from the hottest chillies available, the resulting infusion burns like a thousand suns, and then we made delicious milk chocolate with it. Or at least, that was the plan.

If you’re the kind of seasoned curry connoisseur who asks for extra spicy, or the type to drizzle Tabasco liberally on everything, then this may well be a dream come true. However be warned, this ludicrously hot chocolate is not for the faint of heart… it’s not even really for fun. Strictly speaking, it’s probably not chocolate at all.

Watch the hilarious video below to give you a good idea of what may happen when you eat the Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar, just in case you are wondering. Enjoy:

So just to confirm for anyone in the remotest of doubt – our Instant Regret Chocolate really is extraordinarily hot. The factory didn’t really want to make it. It’s fair to say that it turned out quite a bit hotter than anyone expected. Still, what is joy without pain – excruciating oral and internal pain?

Challenge yourself, and your friends. You won’t regret it.*

*Seriously, you almost certainly WILL regret it.




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