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Unbreakable Mirror

These Unbreakable Mirror Sheets have lots of creative uses and as they are unbreakable mirror sheets they are great for the young ones in the home.

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Unbreakable Mirror

  • Comes with protective films: Each plastic unbreakable mirror comes with a protective film to prevent scratches. You need to peel the film before using.
  • Creative uses: These work well for crafts and projects as you can display your creativity in your own special way.
  • Good quality: These flexible non glass mirror sheets are made of PET material. The smooth surface and good texture as well as self-adhesive back makes them convenient for you to use.
unbreakable mirror sheet
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  • Various sizes of self-adhesive mirror sheets: These mirror sheets are in different sizes. All are 1mm in thickness to help fit your needs.
  • Multi-usage: These non glass mirror work with cars, motorcycles, bathroom mirrors, dresser mirrors and other household furniture, toys or crafts. They are easy to stick on and peel off.
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