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Star Wars Moulds

Get your force on with these awesome Star Wars Moulds. Not just for ice! You can make candy, chocolate, crayons and soaps with this set. Perfect for any Star Wars geek.

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Star Wars Moulds

This set of 7 Star Wars Trays are a MUST HAVE for any Star Wars fan!

Star Wars Character moulds are safe to use up to 230°C. This means you can make more than just Star Wars Character ice cubes! Candy, chocolate, crayons and soaps can all be made with this set.

FDA Approved; BPA Free
High Quality Food Grade Silicone
Temperature Range of -40 to +230°C
Clean with Ease (Dishwasher Safe: Top Rack)
Microwave and Oven Safe
Non-Stick Finish: Pop out results with ease. (For Optimal Results: Apply cooking spray on tray when making Jell-o or Gummies)
Packed individually in Plastic Plain Polybag

Star Wars Moulds

Birthday Parties
School Fairs
Wedding Reception
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Gifts
School Lessons
Children Camps
Surprising your special Star Wars fan
Anniversary gift

Cake and Muffin Decorations
Bath Bombs
Anything else you come up with!

Package includes:
1* Han Solo Tray: (15.8cm x 10.9cm)
1* Millennium Falcon Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm)
1* Darth Vader Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm)
1* R2-D2 Tray: (15.8cm x 10.9cm)
1* Stormtrooper Tray: (15.2cm x 11.2cm)
1* X-Wing Fighter Tray: (14.8cm x 10.9cm)
1* Mandalor, & Boba fett: (14.8cm x 10.9cm)



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