Portable Laundry System

Save time and money with the Scrubba Wash Bag: Never pay for a laundry service and again, save your money and use Scrubba wash bag instead. A simple, sanitary solution to clean clothes on the go!

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Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag: World’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel accessories

Our ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier.  This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps you save money, time and water.

Weighing less than 142g (~5oz.) the Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old fashioned washboard. It is twice as effective as hand washing* and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink.

Over 100,000 travellers, campers, backpackers, hikers and holiday makers have experienced firsthand the quality wash our internal flexible washboard delivers.

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