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Novelty Cork Screw

The McLovin Novelty Cork Screw is ready and waiting to perform! Just screw in and then pull! Hilarious muscle man design corkscrew. A perfect gift for her!

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McLovin’ Novelty Cork Screw

This Novelty Cork Screw is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life that has a great sense of humor. McLovin’ the Muscle Man is always on hand to screw the corks!

Novelty Cork Screw
via Amazon

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  • This is the 70s chap that never tires of screwing – wine corks that is.

  • This wine lethario sports a 70s perm, facial hair and, well, little else.
Novelty Cork Screw
via Amazon
  • He is always ready when the wine comes out.
  • Great comedy gag gift for any whino!
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