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Lotus Flower Candle

The Lotus Flower Candle looks like flower buds and once the center candle is lit it then lights 8 smaller candles which are attached to each flower pedal. The flower opens up and starts to slowly spin singing “Happy Birthday”.

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Lotus Flower Candle

  • Perfect gift to bring lovers friends and yourself a warm and romantic birthday party
  • Please remember lit up the center of the candle, otherwise the leaves may not open and will be no music at all.
  • Lotus design and these happy birthday flower candles are a wonderful product that will bring cheers to everyone at the birthday party.
  • New multi-functional birthday candles, it rotates and plays the “Happy Birthday to you” melody automatically. You can also cut off the copper wire to stop the music
  • 14 Small Candles in Two Layers with music and spin. After lit, the bud surprisingly unfolds like a blooming lotus, amazing and a great way to spice up the party
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