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Hydro Fingers

Swim up to 25% faster this awesome Hydro Fingers. Add some flippers and you’ll be faster than Aquaman. Perfect also for the budding Mermaid in the family.

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Hydro Fingers

-Speed: Swim like a frog. Swim and catch a wave faster.
-Training: Increase resistance and improve technique. Great for beginners.
-Hydro grip: Swimming webbed provides full flexibility of your hand and increases hold on slippery surfaces.
-Hydrodynamic design make it easy to use.
-Providing maximum efficiency to the user when swimming.

Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality
Type: Swimming Finger Webbed Gloves
Material: Silicone
Size: S size is for childern, M size fits most women, L size fits most men.

Package Includes:
1 Pair of Swimming Finger Webbed Gloves

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