Huge Giant Swan

Put all of the kids on this huge Swan Float and push them out to the middle of the pool. Ah, bliss!

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Swan Inflatable that is a Fun Tube. A sport tube that you can do Trampoline Tricks on. A Party Island for the whole family. This Tropical float will provide hours of enjoyment! Tow it behind your boat and anchor it at the sand bar or at the beach. Very stable in the water. . It is easy to carry from the car in your large duffle bag. Transport it in the trunk of an average car. Use the small electric blower included with your Swan Inflatable.Within ten minutes you are inflated and ready to slide it into the water. Handles all around the sides make it easy for one person to maneuver. Two people can toss it in very easily. The inflatable Swan captures the romance and imagination of all adults. The trampoline will keep the kids interacting all day. Tow it. Anchor it, Play on it. The swan inflatable, sport tube will provide hours, months and years of enjoyment for the whole family!
Tropical float with a Built-in Trampoline Fun or Just Relax & Sunbathe!
Fun Tube, Sport Tube, Supporting 6 Adults and Bunch of Kids!
Heavy Duty River Rafting type UV Inhibited Material.
Swan, Pelican themed or tell us if you want a Dinosaur!
Long Lasting Multi Season Use. Blows up in Minutes!

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