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Gesture Control Stunt Car

It’s this kind of toy that you will wish you were a kid again! This Gesture Control Stunt Car can run in both directions, forward, backward, left, right and even do a 360° flip.


Gesture Control Stunt Car

Suitable for Many Different Terrains

With the help of two powerful motors, this Gesture Control Stunt Car can reach its maximum speed in a short period of time. The remote control distance of about 30 Meters.

The four-wheel independent suspension and three-axle differential have superiority and control. This can bring you an amazing experience.

Durable Anti-slip Tires

Using high-quality TPR material, the inner coil spring is elastic, vacuum pressure resistant. It is non-slip and wear-resistant and has a strong grip on the ground. This makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The flipped body and wheels are also suitable for different terrains

360° Rotation Double Side Driving

This remote controlled can move back and forth. It is equipped with a double-sided dumping bucket, double-sided rolling, complete 360° flipping and jumping.

The double-sided body design allows children to drive the car upside down, even when turning over.

2 Batteries & Safe Charging

Equipped with 2 high-quality rechargeable 3.7 V / 500 mAh batteries, you can enjoy driving pleasure for about 20 minutes for each battery).

Tip: The actual duration will vary depending on the method of operation.


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