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Electric Fly Trap

This Electric Fly Trap Fly Catcher is going to be the best gift you ever buy! Place the bait in the Fly Trap and the plate rotates dragging them into the collection box.

Electric Fly Trap – Fly Catcher

This Fly Trap is going to be the best gift you ever buy! Whilst we understand the need for flies, why must they always try and get into our ears! This Fly Catcher will ensure that you can now enjoy the outdoors (or even the indoors) in peace.

This Electric Fly Catcher is so good that you may find yourself just staring at it’s work for hours as it does it’s work! Better than the TV.

Just place the bait (Jam etc) to attract the flies or other pests (mosquitoes etc). Then turn on the switch and the plate rotates. With the rotation of the plate, the flies will be trapped in the collection box. Then it is just up to you to dispose of them (or free them) as you wish.

Fly Trap


Voltage: 220/240V
Frequency: 50/620HZ
Packing size: 20*20cm/7.8*7.8 inches

Package Included:

1 x Electric Fly Trap

Fly Trap


  1. Ildefonso Sollami

    I’m happy with the goods. I have used jam to attract flies and it catches them great. I love this item and recommend the seller

  2. Coleen Dargon

    Received in 2 weeks. Packaged great. This Fly Trap works even better than expected. Love it and have told all of my friends to buy this.

  3. Fernand Aveline

    Received very quickly! Works perfectly! Thank you!

  4. Shante Dezern

    Good quality product. I didn’t manage to test it yet but it seems to run just like in the videos. It’s quiet and it spins calmly. Thanks the seller for this fair trade and its fast processing and shipping.

  5. Charlie Sutton

    Very quick delivery. It works and now I need to go and catch some flies.

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