Elastic Mesh Net Bag

This Elastic Mesh Net Bag is the perfect tool to stop kids and pets from getting into the front and distracting you when you’re driving.

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Elastic Mesh Net Bag

  • This Mesh Bag has Four Metal Hooks — The upper 2 are aluminum alloy, and the below 2 are nickel plated steel.
  • The Size of This Pet Barrier is Large Enough — Height: 12.0 in, Width: 11.6 in (generally only 10.2 in or less), it can completely cover the gap between the front two seats, and put more things in.

Elastic Mesh Net Bag

  • Mesh Material of This Car Organizer is Super Strong — High quality nylon, inelastic. The net bed made of it can lay 6 adults.
  • Installation of This Handbag Holder is Very Simple — On top, just buckle on the headrest column; on bottom, hook on the hard edge of any object under the seat.
  • The above Two Straps are Adjustable in Length and The Nylon Material have not Elasticity — It can be suitable for different models of cars, and prevents the whole sag due to too heavy things in the mesh bag

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