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DIY Vasectomy Kit

Watch their face as they open this DIY Vasectomy Kit. It will go through a myriad of different visible emotions until they realise it is a prank gift. A free bottle of bourbon, a bag of frozen peas, and a patented red scrotum holder are only a few hilarious things in this prank kit.

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DIY Vasectomy Kit

  • PRANK GIFT BOXES!… For regular gifts, office White Elephant events, co-workers, Dirty Santa and other hilarious parties, simply pop their REAL GIFT inside this funny gift box and enjoy the disbelief wash over their face, followed by uproarious laughter when the real gift is revealed!
  • ✌ HILARITY GUARANTEED: FINALLY! THE FIRST OF ITS KIND! This is one of funniest prank gift boxes anywhere. A free bottle of bourbon, a bag of frozen peas, and a patented red scrotum holder are only a few hilarious things in this kit.

DIY Vasectomy Kit

  • ✌ NEW & IMPROVED!, NOW INCLUDING A PROTECTIVE PLASTIC CONE! FREE!! let your victim think there really is an over-the-top at-home vasectomy self surgery kit that uses a stapler, magnifying glass and two small band-aids, – will keep everyone laughing
  • ✌ WILL MY GIFT FIT? This printed cardboard box is 11.5 tall, 9.25 wide and 4 deep. So, measure your gift now, and seeing that it fits you can order our prank boxes with confidence! Wanna know what the most popular presents are? Gift Cards! And it makes perfect sense because theyre boring, but the DIY At-Home Vasectomy Kit trick box cleans those boring gifts right up!
  • ✌ KEEPS ON GIVING! Not only will your fake box get the laughs, but most people reuse The DIY At-Home Vasectomy Kit for their friends too! So, when you order this gag gift box now, youll be paying the joy forwards to hundreds of others who need a good belly aching laugh. Boss, dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, coworkers (… and the women in your life!) who will you prank first?

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