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Clever Doorstop

This clever doorstop is amazing and will stop doors smashing into walls from big winds or angry teenagers after you’ve told them they can’t go to a party on a school night.

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Clever Doorstop

Have you ever had this trouble?  You want to keep the doors open, but a slight breeze would come through and slam the doors closed. Also the naughty pets and kids will shut the door roughly, which will cause the damage to doors and wall. Now, our magnetic door stopper, a good solution to keep a regular interior/exterior door open. Perfect for the windy area to keep air flow in the house without the inevitable heavy slamming door.

Clever Doorstop

►Add Extra Protection Magnetic Door holder, 3 Times Stronger than Other Door Stops.
In addition to providing good quality security door stoppers, we offer satisfied service on all our door stops to make sure that you could buy with confidence. We would try our best to solve the problem until you are satisfied.

►Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stops Hold Your Doors Open.
Hold the doors open when you need, keep air flow in the house and stop noise from slamming doors. Pet owners and parents pay attention! ! You can get out of trouble: your dogs, naughty kids like to push doors

Clever Doorstop

►Thin and Invisible, Be Not In The Way.
The door stop’s chassis is relatively thin, small in volume, be not in the way. It fits the height of seam between your door and the floor at 5-12 mm approximately. If your door’s gap is beyond this range, it may lead to poor effect of this door stop. Please measure the height of gap between your door and the floor before purchase.

►No Need to Drill, No Damage on Your Wall and Doors.
Use 3M double-sided adhesive sticker for no damage, or mount permanently with screws.

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