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Chicken Flingers Slingshot Toy

These Chicken Flingers will add some fun and humor to your day. Get flinging today but just be careful. They could take someone’s eye out.

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Chicken Flingers – Chicken Slingshot toy

  • Easy to play: pull, stretch, and fling these flick chickens; Eject it to the wall, let it roll down, the process is very funny; Or play it with your friends and see who shot further; Suitable for children over 12 years old
  • Material: TPR material allows availability for both children and adults, the rubber chickens toy is non-toxic and flexible
  • Easy to wash: wash the stretchy chicken toy with soap and water when dirty; You can play it in any environment, easy to clean
  • Note: please do not aim at the vulnerable parts of the body, such as eyes in case of being hurt; For children under 12 years old, please use under the care of parents.


“I could not stop laughing when these were in use. My husband, daughter and I were having a blast and we constantly were trying to avoid getting hit while also hitting each other. It got even more fun when I took them to church and the kids there were trying to get each other with a flying chicken! These are so much fun, really easy to use, and reusable even if they get stuff all over them, just wash them off and they are as good as new. We did have a few with legs that broke off but that’s to be expected when pulling them back to fling them. That is also the perk of having 100, just grab some more and keep playing!”

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