Bubble Dome Tent

Imagine watching the rain or the stars from this cool 3m Bubble Dome tent. The only problem is who would you invite to join you?

More Details

  • ☛【Transparent Tent】: Transparent material, which will allow you to enjoy a 360 degree view of the outdoors. Making it the right camping tent for you.
  • ☛【Air Pump Included】:Quality pump sent along with the tent connected all the time to keep the tent inflated, one thought ahead of yours.
  • ☛【Quality Material】:Adopte 0.8mm durable transparent PVC, thus increasing outdoor fun while keeping it resistant to long time use. Definitely the right choice.
  • ☛【Exquisite Design】:With Geodesic shape of the dome, it is able to handle the strongest design to withstand strong winds (up to 31 miles per hour) or snow.
  • ☛【Optimal Air Flow】:Excellent air flow is maintaned even in warm, still weather conditions making heat inside is distributed evenly at all point. Indeed your outdoor house.

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