Cool Gifts

Cool Gifts:

Are you ready to show your family and friends how cool you are with your cool gifts? Not just Fonzie cool or Robert Downey Jr cool, but REALLY, REALLY COOL? Then take a look the coolest gifts you will ever see and get ready to catapult your or a friends coolness to stratospheric levels.


1. awesome
2. popular; like in a social hierarchy
3. used when a conversation goes silent
4. nice
5. wicked (new england stlye, NOT evil= wicked)
6. good or great
7. not warm, but not cold
8. okay with each other, not mean to each other, but not necessarily nice, just not mean

1. That new bike is cool.
2. That kid Andrew is really cool.
3. SILENCE……….That’s cool.
4. He gave me his lunch when i forgot mine; he’s really cool.
5. That’s cool new.
6. A. You were cool in Halo 2.
6. b. That sandwich looks cool.
7. My ice-cream is cool.
8. After the argument, Bill asked Andrew, “We cool?”, and Andrew replied, “Ya, we cool.”

urban dictionary

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