What is a Gag Gift?

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What is a Gag Gift?

What is a Gag gift? They can range from funny to downright weird and are a perfect gift idea for someone with a great sense of humor.

From Weener Cleaner soaps to a Gift of Nothing, the gag gift ideas are endless and hopefully the funny gifts on this page will answer your question of “what is a gag gift”.


What is a good gag gift idea?

These gag gifts below are all purchasable either on our own store or via a third party. Please note that if you do buy from a third party via us, we may receive a small commission payment.


Gift of Nothing

What is a Gag Gift?

When they ask for “nothing”, now you can buy them exactly that. The ultimate gift in minimalism.


Clean Your Butthole Soap

What is a Gag Gift idea

Clean ur butthole soap is a great gift for someone who likes a giggle, plus the soap is really good too! Handmade 5oz bars that come in a variety of colors and scents. It really will clean your butthole.


I’m Not Yelling, I’m Italian T-Shirt

Im Not Yelling Im Italian

This Funny Italian T-Shirt so so spot on and you will fully understand if you know, date or are an Italian.


The Butt Pillow

Ideas for a gag gift


One day not too long ago, while laying down to take a nap after speaking with my  woman, I felt like I would sleep a lot easier if I had my hand placed tenderly on her butt… Light bulb moment! The Buttress was created.


The Bullshit Button

Bullshit button

The button will call it like you see it. This giant red button makes a hilarious statement or two and is perfect for calling out BS without having to say a word yourself.


Weener Kleener Soap

Weener Cleaner Soap

A ‘hole’ new way to clean your weener. This Weener Kleener Soap cleans the body but dirties the mind! You’ll be showering twice a day with your new bath time toy.


Instant British Accent Mouth Spray

Instant British Accent

Speak in a British accent instantly with these amazing breath sprays. Trying is believing.


Nose Soap Dispenser

Funny Nose Soap Dispenser

This is snot a joke! Add some fun to shower time with this Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser.


Farting Golf Ball


Farting Golf Ball

Relieve the stress of that intense putting moment with this real golf ball that farts when you putt it.


Flask Tie

Flask Tie

We all have been at an occasion where being inebriated might have helped you get through. Work… everyday.


Inflatable Husband

What is a Gag Gift?

Finally! Here is the ideal husband. He’s odour free and hassle free. He doesn’t need food or beer. He always stays at home and he never argues plus he has NO mother-in-law! He’s the hubby you always dreamed of.



Hopefully this answers your question of what a gag gift is. Do you have a gag gift that you have purchased? Then let us know in the comments below what it was and if you recommend it.


What is a Gag Gift – Find lots at ThisGiftIsSo.Cool

As well as these amazing gag gifts above we add more to our website daily. So make sure you add us to your list when you are searching for a cool gift.



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